From the recording Caught In the Act

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Nick was experimenting with different loops and beats that had an industrial kind of feel. I had these lyrics that dealt with bridging two hearts together. It started to fall into place when we came up with the idea that there could be a literal bridge between the two people and use the industrial sound as the bridge actually getting built. It makes more sense when you listen to the song. Nick also plays saxophone in this song.


The Space Between Us

Everyone seems to agree
The space between us
Needs to come together

So what do we need
Find an architect who can
Build a bridge between us

Wouldn’t you agree
It would bring
Bring our love together

Wouldn’t it be sweet
To build a bridge
One that lasts forever

All songs written and performed by Mike Jewell and Nicholas Jewell ©2015 Visionary[s] Music. Not to be used without permission